About team
The Verb has created by the team consisting of the best experts in their spheres: machine learning, predictive analytics, graphic design, usability and js. Together and separately, we have vast experience in designing, development and construction of heavy duty systems in Yandex and Mail.Ru Group. We are current employees of these companies, and the Verb is something more than a hobby.

Using of modern approaches to design, machine learning, and thanks to our first-class professionals, we have created an algorithm which operation does not depend on the user's language.

Automatic categorization of the verbs, the algorithm of checking them, the mechanics of preparing of the list of actions in the application - everything is completely self-learning and language-independent components. Our model and graphs allow the Verb to work in any language of the world.

In practice it means that in order to run our UGC-application around the world we only needed to translate the interface and provide training set to the Verb, and all the rest is on science, created by us: the Verb itself starts to choose verbs that need to be shown on deals publishing screen, and proposes to continue the phrase basing on mathematical statistics.

Each verb is automatically categorized by 20 categories basing on the context.


The application for iOS is written on react-native.

What does it mean in practice: this nearly first-ever mass mobile application written by JS developers, i.e. people who earlier designed the websites now wrote a mobile application in the same programming language.

Initially we planned to write both versions on it – under iOS and Android, as it was promised by its creators. But, unfortunately, the framework hasn't ready to it yet.

And we are proud to announce that our experiment proves that the whole industry will be developing. It is not a secret for anybody that the web market has been transforming to develop under mobile software and applications.


Verb interface is worked out based on our experience in the creation and development of services to an audience of millions.

We created design basing on the modern trends and the habits of new generation: those who grew up on mobile devices and didn't face to anything, except pads and smartphones.

The interface is developed with recommendations of the practicing psychologist
Elena Dobrobabenko (Елена Добробабенко):


Undoubtedly, it is what we are differ from a classical startup.

We made many services - both big and small - and we understand importance of testing clearly. Of course, each team member should be responsible for what he does, guarantee quality and result, but availability of the allocated testing allows to check and find mistakes in the most unexpected places.

Availability of testing is a sign of care about users that eventually affects positively to a product and opinion of its’ users.